President and Principal

Mr. Abdelmalik has more than 35 years of experience and has participated in numerous multi-disciplinary teams dealing with the planning and development of civil engineering, urban and rural development, and public works projects. He has designed numerous street and highway, grading, storm drain, hydrology, water, and sewer improvement projects. His involvement varied from a design engineer to supervising project design engineer responsible for the entire project design and coordination.  These projects also included coordination and review of the traffic improvement design, such as traffic signal, street lighting, channelization and traffic control/detour, as part of the contract plans.

For 21 years, Mr. Abdelmalik worked for Cairo Airport Authority in Egypt.  Served as design engineer, project manager, and ultimately as Chief Airport Civil Engineer for civil engineering projects in and around the airport district, including runways, roads, utilities, water, sewer and storm drain projects.  The most important project which was carried out under Mr. Abdelmalik’s supervision as the manager of the civil engineering teams was the construction of the new terminal at Cairo Airport, which included the main terminal buildings and runway.  Mr. Abdelmalik’s additional accomplishments included being one the team of the Aero-port de Paris for design and construction management for the new terminal at Cairo airport.

Since 2007, Mr. Abdelmalik has established West Site Engineering and serves as Principal and President of the company.

Supporting Team

Fiby Abdelmalik
Marketing Vice President

Mrs. Abdelmalik's work to date encompasses 10 years of marketing, branding and graphic design experience. She has been working with West Site Engineering since 2007 to define new marketing and branding direction. Her sales and marketing roles varied from preparing SOQ, RFP, proposals, reports and research to client customer services ensuring timely customer service and delivery.

Mrs. Abdelmalik marketing and web and graphic design includes design and creative direction for presentation materials, marketing brochures, advertisements, direct mail, newsletters, trade show booth graphics, postcards, proposals and other marketing correspondence. Her role is to manage and provide creative direction to the team to insure brand consistency and proper use of marketing materials.

Mrs. Abdelmalik has produced several award winning products and has been awarded the 2003 Digie Award by the Orange County Chapter of PRSA and 2003 “Award of Excellence” by the Orange County Chapter of PRSA. Mrs. Abdelmalik holds a Bachelor degree of Arts, emphasis in Graphic Design from Cal State University, Fullerton.

Marvy Wagdy
Operation Manager

Mrs. Wagdy has over 10 years experience in operation and office management. She is working with West Site Engineering to help facilitate day to day office management and operations, SOQ, RFP, proposals, reports, research and client customer services ensuring timely delivery of projects.

Mrs. Wagdy prior management experience includes supervising commercial real estate office with thirty agents, approving orders, processing invoices and issuing checks for the agents. Her involvement varied from preparing required paperwork for listings and organizing proper documents for escrow files, processing paperwork for regional manager's approval to pay agents upon closing of escrow. Her role also includes assisting regional managers with reports and business plans and also assisting corporate office with staff training.

Mrs. Wagdy holds a Bachelor degree of Science: Management Information Systems/Business Administration from Cal State University, Long Beach.

Traffic Engineering

Yunus Rahi, Ph.D, P.E., T.E.

Traffic Design, Inc.
862 Canterbury Lane
San Dimas, CA 91773

Dr. Yunus Rahi provided Consultant Traffic Engineer services to the Cities of Monrovia and Temple City. He prepared traffic impact studies for EIRs for several regional shopping centers, commercial and office developments, mixed-use developments and traffic operational alternatives, including Los Angeles International Airport Master Plan, Los Angeles Unified School District projects, Santa Ana Unified School District projects, City of Vernon Power Generating Station, Mare Island Marine Facilities Reuse Plan, Sav-on Shopping Center Projects. He also provided traffic engineering design review for Abu Dhabi International Airport Expansion (UAE), Guangzhou International Airport Expansion (China), and Kaohshiung President’s Mall project (Taiwan).  He has specialized in parking studies, geometric design, accident studies, traffic signal design, optimum progressive signal timing plans, transportation demand management, traffic impact mitigation and street improvement plans, traffic control and detour plans, and prepared parking demand and improvement studies for Studio City Business District, World Trade Center at Long Beach and Los Angeles Times Irwindale Facility project.

As an Assistant Professor at Washington State University, Dr. Rahi taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses in transportation engineering, construction management and civil engineering systems.  He engaged in research on inexpensive travel demand models, level of service of ferry systems, morphological analysis of the city, origin-destination trip estimation, vehicle-change intervals, computer-integrated highway construction-automation and transportation gaps. He worked on research projects sponsored by Washington State Department of Transportation, prepared reports on inexpensive travel demand models, and concrete barrier end treatments for low speed highways.  He also taught traffic and transportation engineering courses, worked on light rail transit feasibility study and impacts of expanded college programs on state highways.

Ibrahim Massoud, PE
Project Engineer

Mr. Massoud has been involved in the planning and design of numerous public works projects and land development projects.  He has extensive experience in project administration and management, and has been responsible for the design of public and private facilities with improvement costs in excess of hundred million dollars.  Mr. Massoud’s design experience includes street alignment, widening, rehabilitation, storm drain and sewer systems and land development projects.  Mr. Massoud holds a Bachelor and a Masters degree of Science in civil engineering.

Mr. Massoud will ensure that the necessary resources are available to the agency for timely completion of projects.  He will also ensure that quality assurance procedures are incorporated into design process for the Agency projects. These procedures safeguard our clients against costly omissions, revisions and delays.

Surveying and Mapping

Chris Vassallo  PLS

Pacific Land Consultants, Inc.

Mr. Vassallo has 30 years experience in surveying. His experience varies from the construction of engineering projects including multi-story buildings, bridges, and roadwork layout, to the construction layout of subdivisions throughout Southern California. He is experienced with boundary establishment, Lot Line Adjustments, Record of Surveys, and has performed hundreds of ALTA surveys.  Many surveys are performed using the latest GPS technology as to insure the highest accuracy possible.

Mr. Vassallo is a Licensed Land Surveyor in the State of California.

Mr. Vassallo is a Member of CLSA - California Land Surveyors Association.

Mr. Vassallo owns and operates state of the art GPS/RTK equipment with 1cm accuracy.

Mr. Vassallo has a Certificate in GIS/GPS Analysis & Mapping


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